1972年型 BMW「3.0 CSi」の高解像度ギャラリーは下の画像をクリック

BMWにおける近年の売上増加は、中古車販売によるところが大きい。 同社の中古車を点検・整備のうえ販売する「認定中古車」プログラムが、利益増にかなり貢献しているようだ。


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そのBMWクラシックセンターが、このほどレストアの第1号車となる1972年型「3.0 CSi」の作業を完了させた。同車は新車当時とすっかり同じ状態に戻ったが、トランスミッションはオーナーの希望によりマニュアルからオートマチックへ変更されたという。

美しくレストアされた3.0 CSiは、ミュンヘンにある巨大施設「BMW Welt(ヴェルト)」にて、オーナーに引き渡された。 美しい姿を取り戻した3.0 Csiをじっくりとご覧いただきたい!
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BMW 3.0 CSi premieres at the BMW Welt. The first full restoration of the new BMW Classic Center is handed back to its delighted owner.

Munich. Wednesday, 7 July 2010 was a red-letter day. The 1972 BMW 3.0 CSi which had been completely restored by the BMW Classic Center's new Customer Workshop was handed back to its owner at BMW Welt. There was twofold cause for celebration: the BMW Classic Center was pleased at having successfully completed its first full restoration since the opening of the BMW Classic Customer Workshop, while BMW Welt marked the first occasion on which a classic BMW – rather than a brand-new car – was delivered to a customer. "The successful restoration of the BMW 3.0 CSi shows that we are on the right track and that, together with our partners within the BMW Group network of facilities, we are capable of restoring vehicles to the highest quality standards and to individual customer specifications," said Ralf Vierlein, Head of Sales and Aftersales at BMW Group Classic.

In this case, the customer wanted his BMW 3.0 CSi of 1972 transformed into a perfect state. He also asked for its four-speed manual gearbox to be converted into an automatic, something that had previously been done only with two prototypes of the BMW 3.0 CSi. Based on close collaboration with the BMW Group Archive, which provided the relevant documentation, the "large Coupé" underwent an authentic conversion process. It was fitted with an automatic transmission from a BMW 2.8 CS. The refit and complete overhaul of the vehicle required months of research and countless hours of manual labour. The experts at the BMW Classic Center not only had to repair substantial bodywork damage, but also iron out technical and electronic defects as well as thoroughly overhaul the interior fittings. The vehicle is now in A1 condition.

BMW Classic Customer Workshop: one-stop shop for all services.

BMW Classic's Customer Workshop is a response to the growing desire among numerous BMW enthusiasts to own an authentic vehicle that is as true as possible to its original state and in the best possible condition. "This workshop is a key element in the realignment of BMW Classic and our orientation towards customers in the classic vehicle market," says Karl Baumer, Director of BMW Group Classic.

In parallel with this, the supply and remanufacturing of components is being further expanded. Other areas have also been added, such as the purchase and sale of vehicles, authentication certificates, advice to buyers, and a worldwide collection and delivery service. The principal advantage of the BMW Classic Center is that it offers all its services under one roof. "We have the theoretical knowledge of the vehicles, the technical expertise, Original BMW Parts, and the requisite infrastructure to systematically link it all up," adds Ralf Vierlein.

In future, too, vehicles that have been fully restored by the BMW Classic Center can be handed over to their owners amid the unmatched ambience of BMW Welt. A "delivery" of this kind is not just a unique experience for the owner, but a particularly striking example of the successful symbiosis of past and present within the BMW Group.

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